Operations & Maintenance

Synthetic Materials has expertise in the Operation and Maintenance of a variety of equipment and processes including:

  • FGD Limestone Ball Mills
  • Limestone Classifiers
  • Gypsum Dewatering
  • Gypsum Hydroclones
  • Solid Waste Handling and Disposal

Our Operations and Maintenance model is built on and incorporates the following:

  • Standardized operating procedures
  • Shared overhead expense
  • Qualified and experienced personnel
  • Training opportunities
  • Creation and maintenance of operation manuals
  • Hiring of qualified operators
  • Lab design
  • Testing and sampling procedures


Experience coupled with a deep knowledge base allows Synthetic Materials to offer and provide superior FGD System maintenance. Our expertise in maintenance, combined with our operations skill set, provides our customers with the best in quality service.

Our maintenance expertise allows us to:

  • Reduce stock of common spares
  • Centralize maintenance planning
  • Upgrade to eliminate root cause of downtime
  • Coordinate and communicate previous experience
  • Design plans according to best practices, based on preventative, predictive reliability measures
  • Maintain 99.9% operational availability