Waste Water Treatment

For over a decade, Synthetic Materials has provided operations and maintenance services of Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Waste Water Treatment Systems. Synmat has developed and acquired invaluable experience with one of the Best Available Technologies (BAT) in treating FGD waste streams using chemical precipitation followed by anoxic/anaerobic biological treatment, gas stripping, and final polishing before discharging.

Synthetic Materials understands the increasingly stringent local, state, and federal regulatory requirements that produce many challenges for the waste water treatment industry. Our largest facility treats 220,000 gallons per day, and our successes can be attributed to our site-specific operational plans developed to ensure the plant is operating efficiently and consistently. We continuously analyze the waste water treatment process through our on-site laboratory combined with data logging and KPI development to control, correct, and enhance our approach to operations and maintenance via continuous process improvements and optimization.